Already 70 pages in, shed a few tears... I think your book is going to be a huge catalyst for me. I've been going through so much and just not known how to deal. So I am very grateful for the guidance. I am touched by how raw, open and truthful you are... totally tugged at my heart."

"I just wanted to let you know I bought your book and I love it so much! I was diagnosed with PCOS and just ended using the pill so I'm trying to reach hormonal balance. This book has helped so much!"

“Just finished reading the amazing ebook, Eat With The Moon. It's a real treasure, full of knowledge and magical recipes. Thank you for this!"

"Francesca, I got your ebook last year (2019). I tried seed cycling on and off and then took it on seriously two months ago (March 2020). My period length extended by two days (average was 24 days) - amazing considering I have been trying to increase it for a year and a half after going off the contraceptive pill. Thank you for sharing." 

"I read your ebook and I was so so damn impressed by the content, the quality, the pictures, and all the information. I have never bought/read any other ebook in my life that would even compare to yours. It's just so high quality and I can totally see all of the effort that has been put into it."